The Brewiks Brewing System

At Canoelands Brewery we use the Brewiks Brewing system manufactured by Mithraeum has been designed and produced for brewing a quantity of about 200 to 300 litres of finished beer per batch.

John Brennan as spent some time being trained in Slovenia by Denis of Vizir who also uses the Brewik System and together many unique recipes were created.

Brewiks is a microbrewery system suitable for pubs, inns, hotels and everyone who wants to start brewing and producing their own beer. The system is also suitable for existing breweries for purpose of testing and development of new recipes. It is also suitable for education of new brewers.

Brewiks brewing equipment consists of two containers. Main container is a tank with heaters and pump. Temperature is transferred from heaters to wort via thermal oil. This way wort is evenly heated and enzyme activity is preserved. Our brewing equipment also uses heat recuperation for heating up cold water from water supply network for sparging without need of additional hot water boiler. Wort is cooled with tube heat exchanger installed in wall of microbrewery for smaller profile.

The advantage of this system is that cleaning is very easy and simple. Mixing system is unique and patented. Process of brewing is controlled by industrial computer controller with touch screen. Temperature is controlled by PID regulator for precise and always guaranteed process of heating. Lauter tun is part of system and also used as whirlpool system.

Fermentation, maturing containers and a cooling system can also be part of the Brewiks beer brewing equipment.

For more information on the Brewiks system should you want to purchase it,  please click on the link to fill in a form so we can contact you.

Want to brew your own beer? You can buy the Brewiks system through us, click on this link to get more information.

Brewiks - Lauter & Sparge Container


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